In the world of SEO there are many techniques that are quite effective in improving the positioning of websites. Of all the ones that exist, even the dark ones of black hat SEO, we want to focus on one that greatly favors those who carry it out thanks to obtaining greater authority. We want to focus on how to do link building , what it is and what are the keys so that your website knows how to take advantage of it.

It is a strategy that has been applied for a long time and that. Despite the constant changes in the algorithm of Google and other search engines. Remains one of the most effective in the sector. Everyone who has managed to take their online portal to the top has gone through link building, through this construction of chains of links that reinforce the presence of their project while giving it feedback.

How to Do a Good Link Building?

We are going to assume that you know what link building is. Although, this is not the case, you simply have to know that it is a method through which links are generated that point to a website that you want to position. With that clear, to know how to do it effectively Turkey WhatsApp Number List and with good results, the first thing to be clear about is that there are two types of organic SEO.

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On the one hand we have SEO On Page , which is reinforced through what is known as internal interlacing. This focuses on linking, within the same website, different contents of the same so that the user moves through it. Stays longer inside it and, thus, Google interprets it as something positive when it comes to positioning. Something that is also due to Link Juice, a factor that distributes authority from one page to others.

What Is Known as Off Page SEO

On the other hand, we have what is known as Off Page SEO. In this, the objective is to make other websites with a greater reputation, positioning. And authority in your niche or in others with which there may be a connection link to you. In this way, that authority juice is transmitted that allows you to gain positions when it comes to appearing in search results. This can be done organically or paid, although there are also certain black hat seo techniques that can achieve this.

We have seen these two types of SEO, but in turn we must talk about two types of link building . We have, on the one hand, organic link building in which links are obtained in a completely natural way. Or, also and as we have already mentioned before, paid link building. In which links are bought from third parties so that they point to the desired domain. Whatever the option or path to follow, it must be done with the utmost care. At the end of the day, it is effort and resources invested to try to gain visibility.

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