In a universe that pays homage to the increasingly ubiquitous digitization, digital creativity is going from strength to strength. From the phenomenal duo formed by creativity and digitization, extraordinarily groundbreaking campaigns have emerged in recent times that seem to have stuck like a stick to the thriving universe of « gaming», but also to TikTok and data, a «must» to seek added value to ideas already extraordinary.

Next, and with the help of Horizont, we review 10 campaigns from the glittering digital galaxy that have managed to break the mold in recent months :

“Sick beats Vest” (Woojer)

In addition, For children with cystic fibrosis, high-frequency vibration therapy is an inescapable part of their daily lives. In the “SICK BEATS Vest” project, Voojer and the Area 23 agency developed a prototype that metamorphosed this phone number list exhausting therapy into an experience. The vest that is the central axis of this campaign is synchronizing with the smartphone. And transforms Spotify music into vibrations with therapeutic frequencies of 40 Hz.

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“Cites” (Amazon Prime Video)
Moreover, “Cités” has the honor of being the first series specially designed and produced for TikTok on French soil. Working hand in hand with the Herezie Group. After that, The writer and rapper Abd al-Malik, Amazon Prime Video launched a format that explores the relationship of the youngest. With the cultural heritage of their native country.

Stevenage Challenge (Burger King)

In “Stevenage Challenge” Burger King and the David Madrid agency. Managed to create a way that was as intelligent as it was effective. To attract the attention of the millions of users of the FIFA. 20 video games. Instead of investing huge amounts of money in sponsoring players from the first level. The hamburger chain preferred to become a sponsor of a modest English soccer team, Stevenage. So that the most pedigree soccer players on the face of the Earth would wear their shirt as part of the #StevenageChallenge.

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