The consumer has evolved over the years, the division between offline and online customers has passed into history, we are now talking about a hybrid audience, which consults different media at the same time and can be impacted in different ways. Precisely, the hybridization of the target audience has been the great push for brand communication and advertising to abandon campaigns focused on a single medium and embrace a transmedia strategy that encompasses all the ways in which a potential client can receive a message.

This Omnichannel Situation

Should be the goal for most companies and brands , although it is also true that not all can dedicate the same resources to online and physical china business email list marketing, in the same way that not all potential customers for a product are divided exactly into 50% digital and 50% traditional consumption. This varies depending on the consumer and the brand.

Email Database

Therefore, to follow a good and adapted omnichannel strategy. It is essential to optimize the mix of channels used. Balancing the investment in different media to achieve the best results. And there is only one way to achieve it: carry out a process of collecting information from the target audience through different tools together with a continuous review of the channels that we want to use in transmedia communication.

Characteristic Paths for Omnichannel Strategies?

We can choose to use any medium that combines physical and digital aspects to our advantage. Although it is true that there are methods such as push notifications. That allow a connection between the brand and local buyers. For example, a restaurant chain that has its own application must configure push notifications so that information about a promotion in one city does not reach app users in another.

Mailbox is an example of this type of channel that has been able to adapt to digitization. Moving from more traditional advertising products such as brochures, magazines. And flyers distributed in mailboxes to digital catalogs and informative newsletters sent to customers’ email inboxes. But the previous step has not changed. It continues to be knowing our target, so that the first impact of the campaign is a success. In other words, digital catalogs must also reach only their target audience, thus avoiding spam and wasting resources.

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