Although each case is different. Below is a list of reasons that favor the Colombia Email Address indexing of documents on this network. Accessibility: Publications must be hosted on a page with mainly academic content. Personal websites, press or academic pages that show errors or broken links are not identified by Google search engines. The article could be removed by Google if it is Colombia Email Address deleted or disappears from its original location. Transparency: The document must not contain advertising or suspicious aspects, as it could be ignored by the platform. The full text or abstract must be available to users who follow the Colombia Email Address Google Scholar links. Availability: All works indexed in Google must be available in .PDF format and not exceed 5MB. Furthermore,

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neither unconventional files nor those containing incomplete or incorrect Colombia Email Address bibliographic information will be identified by search engines. If there are a large number of versions of the same article, it can be detected as erroneous. Theme: Despite the fact that no research area is prioritized, some themes have not yet received sufficient international coverage, which causes indexing to be affected. Colombia Email Address Post: Immediacy is not one of Google Scholar’s strengths. It may take weeks or months for a new item to be added. However, you can also add the articles manually from your own profile. You can access Google Scholar through the weet Colombia Email Address Pinterest.

Colombia Email Address

Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous rejection: A problem or an opportunity? Arantxa -Verdú | February 8 2021 Colombia Email Address 154 [ Editor decision ]: the email subject that most frightens authors in the scientific field, and that on many occasions generates great concerns. What do we do if we receive a negative resolution from the Editorial Board of a magazine? In the first place and, Colombia Email Address prior to sending our manuscript, we must bear in mind the two phases that are part of a negative decision: 1) Estimation without evaluation; 2) Colombia Email Address Final decision after review. The manuscript management flow defined by the Editorial Boards involves procedures that expedite the (pre) evaluation of the works. Models subject to high reception rates,

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