Nostalgia grips us as the years go by. The feeling is responsible for remembering something that once made us happy and today has disappeared. Therefore, it is a very valuable feeling for those brands that want to impact and surprise their audience. This is exactly what FLUOR Lifestyle and Á Punt have done by announcing the return of one of the most famous series within the Valencian Community, L’Alqueria Blanca, and from MarketingDirecto we did not want to miss the opportunity to learn more about it . this success.

For this reason we have spoken with Eduardo Prádanos, founder and creative director of the FLUOR Lifestyle agency , winner of more than 25 national and international awards in Branded Content and transmedia along with his clients. He is the person who has created and directed the most courses on Branded Content and transmedia in Spain in the last decade and is convinced that together we can make an increasingly better industry.

One of Fluor Lifestyle’s Latest Projects

Well, it has been incredible: it has become the most watched fiction premiere in the history of the channel. At FLUOR we have Finland WhatsApp Number List worked a lot in the entertainment industry and with many channels and platforms (Movistar, NBC Universal, AMC Networks…) but this project was a challenge: it is local television and has many peculiarities.

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The premiere has surpassed almost all the big general channels (Antena 3, TVE, laSexta, Cuatro…). With more than a 12.5% ​​share, a loyalty of 75% and has been a trending topic with more than four million. Average organic impressions with 94% of positive feedback. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone. We have broken our backs both À Punt and Lola and FLUOR but it has been well worth it. And especially to my partners Pepelu Viñas and Daniel Tubau, whom I have seen more than my own family for a quarter.

The Public of The Valencian Community?

It’s funny because you don’t always work with a project that already has such a powerful fan base… but that hasn’t been fed for eight years, if I may use the expression. Therefore, it is like a garden that had beautiful vegetation but has been neglected by not fertilizing it, by not pruning it, by not fixing it… That’s how we conceived it when we received the briefing.

The fact is that L’Alqueria Blanca was the most successful television series in the Valencian Community… until it suddenly disappeared eight years ago. Between À Punt, Lola and FLUOR Lifestyle we had to manage to arouse interest throughout the Valencian Community. Activate and summon viewers from the previous stage. Provoke interest in other content on television, radio and the À Punt website and the most important. Improve the general audience data.

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