The rise of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) continues. The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg has put up for auction the NTF of five works: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Madonna Litta”, Giorgione’s “Judit”, Van Gogh’s “Lilacs”, Wassily Kandinsky’s “Composition VI”, and “Corner From the Garden at Montgeron” by Claude Monet.

As explain by the museum in a statement, all tokenized digital works have been create in two copies. One of them will be kept at the Hermitage and the other will be auctioned on Binance NFT, the market of the leading international blockchain loan officer email list ecosystem Binance. All digital copies have been sign by Mikhail Piotrovsky. General Director of the Hermitage. Who confirms the authenticity of each work in the limited series by including the precise date and time of the signature.

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The Hermitage Is a Conservative Innovator

Moreover, “A conservative museum that uses the latest technologies. Said Piotrovsky, who says they do not intend to use tokens to address financial problems. “We want to see how this format is receive. The NFT is a philosophy, the aesthetics of possession. Digital copies of works of art fill the internet, where, in effect, everyone has access to them. But an NFT gives a sense of ownership and, in our case, a sense of participation in a large museum”

In conclusion, Helen Hai, director of Binance NFT. Emphasizes that they are witnessing a “historic moment” thanks to the entry into the NFT market. Of one of the largest museums in the world. “The Binance NFT market has become a thread that unites the world of art and technologies, and for us it is a great honor,” she declares.

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