Movements like the impressionists came out who did not understand what they were doing. Let’s say it is typical a theorist mentions it and I am copying it from there that a great painter like Cezanne when he was told what a mess you made Olympia or all that he apologizes and says an impression it was. What would an impression mean Claptrap. It’s just that he too was dazzled by the result which was not a faithful representation. So he clearly liberated painting but at the same time enslaved photography for a while which found.

Itself trapped in a representational

Role that made it perfect but also in a jealousy towards painting that had been liberated a jealousy that still exists today. It started from the Jewelry Retouching Service end of the th century and always the photographer feels disadvantaged towards the painter. In our time even more so because the salary figures are changing but not only that. DL Yes. Photography is also closely related to cinema. Who is your favorite director PR There are many again no more than . I don’t think there are more than very great directors but I also love the less good ones. In other words in art you also love the less good. But there are two big ones that are on my skin. One is Fellini and the other is Ozu. Perhaps the general public does not know Ozu he is more unknown but very old. His name is Yasujiro Ozu Yasujiro Ozu.

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A Japanese who died

In very young at and has made shocking films around one main theme relationships within a family. Father – child and so on. DL Is there a movie Singapore Lead with a train Q There are many train movies because the Japanese love trains and you will probably refer to Tokyo Monogatari Tokyo Story which is a family whose mother dies at some point. His themes are almost melodramatic extremely simple but he speaks to the family of all of us in an incredible way. What . It is the same with us. We also have a happiness that we have not understood on the contrary we are still enslaved like two thousand years ago it appears from texts that all artists were enslaved in the original. It’s stupid. That is if we accept that in the th century or even before there was also the possibility of originality.

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