Google BERT is the code name for an algorithmic update announced by Google in October 2019 as the biggest in its last 5 years and one of the biggest in its entire history (in their own words) affecting the ranking of natural search results.

Concretely, the Google Bert Update Is:

Deployment across the Atlantic started from the end of October 2019 (around October 25) but no official date was communicated for France… hence our hypothesis of deployment probably in progress…
An update that aims to better understand the North korea B2B list searches made by Internet users and their real intentions. Optimization of Google’s real-time algorithm to better understand searches formulated in the form of questions and combinations of more than 3 – 4 words (eg voice-type searches).

Email Database

The analysis of the relevance of search results refined thanks to the combined analysis of all the words. That form a query and not just the main ones as it could be the case before. An announced impact on nearly 10% of global searches made on the search engine. 1 search result out of 10 would therefore be affect, which is huge! According to the information provided by Google. The impact should logically be more significant on long-tail searches since Google already understands. Generic queries very well. But it is not exclud that significant impacts will also take place on this type of query.

An Announced Impact on Featured Snippets

On this subject, several webmasters have recently noticed. That the sites highlighted in position 0 now often lose their position on page.

Ex: if you were position first and in position 0. You may now be positioned in position 0 but then 11th. Or on the second page. This has not been confirm by Google and therefore remains a hypothesis. An update that comes in addition to RankBrain and other previous historical updates.

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