“The future will be sustainable or it won’t be” was the title of the next talk, by David Alonso, director of Samsung’s Mobility Business, who pointed out that “if we don’t work sustainably” from an environmental and social point of view , “there will be no future”. The professional spoke during his talk about the need for reinvention and highlighted the European Funds as an opportunity.

Innovation is our DNA, from the technological and marketing point of view”, he stressed about Samsung. Alonso cited the “Galaxy for the Planet” initiative, which aims for the company’s environmental impact to be minimal cell phone number lists USA or zero by 2025; “Samsung Smart School”, which has provided educational centers such as Aguanaz with tablets, facilitating distance education; an aid program for ALS disease or “Employers”, which contributes to reducing the digital and gender gap.

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After His Presentation

Moreover, the representative of Banco Santander, Javier Gómez, presented Enrique Sánchez, representative of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), with the Business Excellence Award in Quantum Technologies 2021 , instituted by AMETIC, in its second edition. The event was presented by the member of the board of directors and treasurer of QuIC, Enrique Lizaso , and included the participation of Laure Le Bars , director of Research at SAP Technology & Innovation and president of this consortium in which more than 300 companies participate; and Professor Tommaso Calarco , chair of the Quantum Community Network and director of the Peter Grünberg Institute Quantum Control Center of the Forschungzentrum Jülich.

Subsequently, Enrique Lisazo moderated the table «Quantum Technologies. State of Quantum Spain» , which was attended by the managing partner of Business and Innovation Consulting at Grant Thornton, Luis Pastor. In addition, The chair and group leader of The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Valerio Pruneri; and the director of the Computing and Quantum Information Research Group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Vicente Martí n.

Projects Based on Quantum Technology

Martín assured during his speech that there are projects based on quantum technology. Under the European Funds, will lead “Spain to occupy a significant position”. Luis Pastor delved into quantum technology and highlighted that company. Already obtaining “greater performance” from Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms thanks to the application of this type of computing.

After that,  Jordi García Brustenga, Director of Operations and Strategy at ENISA and secretary of the IND+I Council. Moderated a panel discussion on technological sovereignty and reindustrialization. The professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and member of the Forum of Innovative Companies, Gonzalo de León; the Tecnalia Tink&Leader, Eva Arrilucea. The mayor of Viladecans (Barcelona), Carles Ruiz Novella.

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