SAP has once again taken advantage of its Sapphire Now world conference , SAP Business Network , to create new business communities. With these, it intends to improve results, help to face changing economic and geopolitical conditions and promote the contribution of organizations to sustainability.

Sapphire Now has been held again in virtual format due to the health crisis. The meeting will last several weeks and will feature different programs and conferences in which the SAP strategy will be deepened. Christian Klein , CEO and member of the Board of Directors, has been in charge of opening this edition. In his presentation, he highlighted the main lessons that the pandemic has left.

The Most Resilient Companies Have Been Those

Among them, that the most resilient companies have been those that have adopted technology to transform their processes , that it is Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List necessary to have a good connection with the rest of the supply chain and that no company can do business alone and that we must act now in matter of sustainability.

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During the same the company has announced a series of innovations to help customers transform business processes , boost performance and manage in the best possible way. From we have been able to learn about these developments in depth thanks to a question and answer session for the media with two members of the SAP Board of Directors: Julia White , responsible for the area of ​​marketing and solutions, and Scott Russell , responsible for Customer Success.

Top Innovations Announced by SAP at Sapphire Now

Among the different novelties we find the SAP Process Insights solution . This allows you to analyze and improve business processes. On the other hand, we have Verify , a functionality of SAP Concur solutions that uses artificial intelligence. And machine learning to automatically identify potential problems in expense reports. Verify can approve reports that do not present problems. While flagging anomalies that should be review by auditors. This AI-powered experience saves auditors from wasting time checking, but can detect fraud or compliance issues.

On the other hand, SAP Upscale Commerce is a no-code online commerce tool. That enables midsize businesses to create an omnichannel shopping experience in a matter of minutes. Every business wants to deliver a wonderful customer experience across channels. From their first interaction with the customer and throughout the rest of their customer lifecycle. White says of this particular solution.

The solution has built-in AI , allowing retailers to provide personalized offers based on a 360-degree view of their customers from purchase data and sentiments expressed on social channels. With a headless API architecture, merchants can provide customers with real-time information about their purchase and delivery through any channel.

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