Social networks have long ceased to serve simply to connect with family and friends. It has reached a point where they are essential for business, especially considering the fact that almost 72% of users use any social platform to search for information about a brand.

Social platforms are also used to request personalized assistance from a company. This is stated in the ‘Digital 2021’ report for the month of July, prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social . “Brands must bear in mind that customer service on social networks must be an integrated part of their business strategy,” explains Romina González Galetto , Regional Manager of Hootsuite in Spain.

Strengthen Service on Customers’ Preferred Channels

“Increasing the relationship with the customer and interacting with them through the channels in which they are found increases their loyalty , their satisfaction and even the probability of purchase,” he adds. Five tips to boost the brand thanks to free switzerland phone number customer service on social networks. Taking into account the impact that social customer service can have on the results of a firm.

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Hootsuite wants to offer five tips to take advantage of this aspect to enhance the brand. Knowing the target audience also means knowing what kind of social channels they access us through . The brand must be present in the right ones to be available when the consumer needs it. In addition, it is essential to share careful content and offer positive experiences , to generate engagement on networks and build lasting connections.

Be at The Client’s Side in All Phases

After that, From searching for products and purchasing, to submitting a support request. It is important that we are at all times of the customer’s journey. In this way, we make sure to answer any questions and provide you with the information. You need to have an optimal experience. Offering customer support through messaging apps opens up a wide variety of options for personalization, speeding up transactions with automation flows, and even using bots to handle high-volume queries.

In addition, Bet on customization on a large scale. There comes a time when it becomes difficult to respond individually to all messages. Managing complaints, claims or deliveries wastes the team’s most valuable time, which is reaching the public with personalized messages. In this sense, automation and bots are perfect. Configuring these tools for the most common queries will help workers manage volume, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and gather key insights.


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