You must also incorporate a clear. visible and forceful call to action; have an attractive offer and deliver what you promise. chat-online.png 3 Respond in a timely manner. According to data from Kissmetrics. “the possibility of contacting a lead is 100 times lower if it is done in 30 minutes and not in 5 minutes. and the possibility of reaching highly qualified leads is 21 times higher when contacting them immediately”. Therefore. your team must be vigilant so as not to miss out on sales opportunities. 4 Incorporates geolocation so that people can easily find your points of sale.

Since “more than 80% of business is done within a 2 km radius”. according to data from comScore. (Download Book 10 ideas to take advantage of local marketing ) 5 Invest in targeted ads to reach your target audience and not target the entire market. Take Adwords ads into account to position your page properly. HubSpot claims that out of 100 customers on Adwords. 2.7% become customers. video.png 6 Use video as a means of attraction. A study by the Communications Regulation Commission – CRC states that “the most used platform in Colombia to watch videos is YouTube. with 76.2%”. So on your website you must have your social networks and. especially. your videos. very visible.

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If you don’t have a YouTube channel yet Russia whatsapp number list can start by uploading some videos and then. little by little. when you have a considerable number of them. create your channel. 7 Keep contact details visible at all times. At any time during a potential customer’s visit to your page. they may be interested in a product or service. Therefore. if you keep this data visible. they can easily communicate with you. 8 Create content using different formats: an e-book with relevant content. a webinar. a photo gallery. etc. The more eye-catching your content is. the better; although remember that striking is not invasive. testimonials.png 9 Use testimonials. A good experience told by people outside your company brings very good results.

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These testimonials must be on your page or even on the specific landing that you designate for it. according to your campaigns. 10 Finally. make sure your page load speed is adequate. so that people who enter do not leave it in a short time and you lose the data of those prospects. To do this. hire professionals in web design; sure that investment will bring you many benefits and you will see the return of it in a short time. Surely not all readers understood this title. so before we start telling you how to monitor your MacGyver-style marketing strategy. we are going to contextualize who this character was.

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MacGyver was a series from the 80’s that showed a character who solved any problem he found himself in. thanks to his incredible ability to improvise tools with simple and varied elements: chewing gum. clips. lighters. pens. etc. “He is a secret agent whose most dangerous weapon is his intelligence” . But… and what relationship does MacGyver have and my marketing strategy? In this ‘post’ we do not want to invite you to improvise. The idea is to tell you what free resources are on the web to monitor your marketing strategy in each phase. So get to work because time is running out and the pressure to achieve goals is surely there. latent.

For this reason. we will take as a reference the 4 phases of the purchase funnel: Inbound Marketing methodology . whose phases determine the relationship between the company and your prospects. We will start with the attraction stage and then successively we will go through the conversion. closing and loyalty stage. How to attract my customers if I don’t have a megaphone on every corner? It is not necessary to install a loudspeaker in each park to sell popsicles. you just have to go through the busiest one and hopefully around noon. Getting to the right place at the right time can help you skyrocket your sales. Something similar happens in a marketing strategy.

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