DatMean , a leading audience marketing and data company. Announced its collaboration with SYNQY Corporation , the leader in retail technology and e-commerce solutions. And creator of Enhanced Product Listings (EPL), to enhance and drive both the shopping experience. And the relationship between the retailer and the brands. DatMean will market SYNQY’s Retail Media offer in Spain, Portugal. And the main LATAM markets through an exclusive collaboration agreement.

After that,  SYNQY’s ‘ Enhanced Product Listings’ is the first tool that will enable brands to promote their products in listings and on search results pages, the most critical moment of the customer journey . This Trade Marketing solution uses Rich Media ads to attract users and consumers, increasing sales by more than 10% on average and doubling return rates (+2x Return&purchase ).

DatMean Offers Retailers a Unique Solution in The Market

In addition, Enhanced Product Listings’ is easy to implement and scalable. And will allow e-commerces of any size. And sector to complement their existing online Cyprus B2B list advertising offer or take their first steps in the world of Retail Media without the need for technological developments. Above all, large investments of time or money, making your environment the best meeting point for brands.

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The agreement is part of the DatMean Retail Media Solutions project that the company has been developing in the last 2 years and reinforces DatMean’s commitment to innovation and the creation of digital transformation solutions for e-commerce players in the region.

Disruptive Advance in The World of E-Commerce

Moreover, “’SYNQY’ is a truly disruptive advance in the world of e-commerce” explains José Luis Valdivielso, CEO and co-founder of DatMean. “ Two trends come together that have been decisive in deciding to bring SYNQY to the region. Moreover, On the one hand, the unstoppable growth of electronic commerce accelerated by the pandemic. On the other, the explosion in the retail world of new monetization formulas that go through creating more lasting. And beneficial relationships between the retailer and the brands that sell their products.

In conclusion, We have been helping e-commerces for years to develop marketing and monetization solutions based on data and technology. To help them transform their communication and boost their results. From that experience I’m sure there will be many brands. That want to start using SYNQY’s cutting-edge solution with the help of DatMean. We are delighted that SYNQY has chosen DatMean as their partner in Spain. The fact that both companies share their vision of the world of retail, innovation. And new media, as well as the obsession with data quality and transparency, has been the main driver of this agreement .”

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