After the most dystopian year of our lives, Frit Ravich – manufacturer of chips, snacks, nuts and distributor of third-party brands – wondered what else could happen. Frit Ravich usually talks about series on his social networks and his followers show an extraordinary imagination when talking about them.

For the brand, social networks play a very important role in being able to connect with its followers, understand them and exchange opinions, because Frit Ravich wants to be present in the “good moments” of its consumers.

Blockchain Technology

Thus, the creative proposal focuses all its attention on the participation of its followers and a clear differentiating element. With these two elements, they present a game in which anyone. Who wants to can send their prediction about what will happen in the next 365 days (via video, audio or text) through their website. Using the Dosedays japan phone no platform’s blockchain technology , all predictions will be encrypted and stored in an unalterable and incorruptible future box that no one will be able to open until July 2022.

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On that date, the brand proposes to meet through its social networks. With all the participants of the action to open the box. And make the winner public, who will receive a batch of key products for a good Screenwriter of the Future. It is a prize made up of the new iPad 2022 that is yet to be discovered, a giant puff to relax and a macro batch of Frit Ravich products.

According to Raul Gilabert

general director of IM+C: “both we as responsible for its social networks. As well as the technology provider and Lant Abogados, our law firm expert in new technologies. Are excited to be able to launch this Frit Ravich action. Because it integrates three key elements: the strategic positioning of the brand. Gamification and innovative technology that allows the action to be carried out and give it a futuristic nuance. In an environment saturated with advertising noise and with all the technological tools available. The brands that know how to launch messages in which all the elements add up in a coherent and coordinated way will be the ones that stand out. And this action achieves it”.

A first acknowledgment for action
So much so, that “Screenwriters of the Future” has just received its first award. Special recognition in the Technology and Programmatic Advertising. Awards granted by the Academy, for being the first digital marketing action that applies Blockchain technology. In the words of Judith Viader, general director of Frit Ravich. “We are very happy that the industry appreciates all the effort and love that we have put into this project. Frit Ravich is firmly committed to innovation and new technologies. So this recognition is the reward for a strategy. We are sure will allow us to continue growing and offering not only excellent products to our consumers. But also endless good times”.

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