According to the RAE, marketing consists of a “set of principles and practices that seek to increase trade, especially demand.” An accurate definition that, however, does not take into account the many variables involved in the practice of marketing depending on the type of business, audience and industry.

B2B or ‘business-to-business’ marketing has always been the “ugly duckling” of marketing. The one that, because it is a niche sector, has been ignored and naturally incorporated into the bag of “marketing” in general. However, for professionals in this field, knowing that the life cycle of a B2B client is much longer -between 6 months and a year- or that the number of touchpoints or contact points multiplies, involves many factors to strategy level. One of them is that B2B marketing tactics have their own peculiarities. And what works in B2C, doesn’t work in business-to-business business.

B2B Marketers Was Born to Promote B2B

To respond to this need and offer resources and tools to B2B marketing professionals, B2BMarketers was born. The first global community in Spanish that, led by four Spanish entrepreneurs — aims to bring together Panama B2B list professionals to share experiences, tactics, network and train in this very specific field.

Email Database

B2B Marketers started as a blog and content resource center at the beginning of 2020. The outbreak of the pandemic motivated many professionals to take an interest in the online sessions and events offered by companies such as Semrush, Accenture Interactive, Freepik, Mailtrack , LinkedIn or CARTO , among others.

A year later and with more than 2,600 registered community members, B2B Marketers has become more than just a blog. The private community in Slack allows any Spanish-speaking professional to connect with other B2B Marketers. Around the world to share tools, advice, experiences, job opportunities and general content.

A Learning Space for B2B Professionals

Under the motto “you don’t need a cape to be a B2B hero”, the next step for these four entrepreneurs will be online training. This spring they will launch their first 100% B2B focused course on content marketing and they will do so within the agile learning format.

“We know that despite being more connected as a result of the pandemic, professionals value their time much more. For this reason, the objective is for the B2B Marketers community to involve natural learning from other colleagues in the sector. With the same problems and challenges. Our goal is to offer a space that we personally have always missed as professionals in this field”, highlights Ivo Campos, one of the co-founders of the project.

«Belonging to the B2B Marketers community will mean that if you want to delve into the SEO optimization of content. You can watch a video capsule within the corresponding online course ; if you have a question about the operation of a tool. You can raise it with other colleagues who have worked with it within the private community. And if you are looking for job opportunities within B2B. You can access them just by being part of B2B Marketers. Adds Gina Gilberti, another of its co-founders.

Until the arrival of the online training platform, B2B Marketers continues to share resources. And organize virtual events with key companies in the sector. Such as the session that Hubspot will give on May 13 on events for Inbound Marketing strategies.

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