The fashion and textile sector , both internationally and in Spain. Is one of those that is betting most heavily on influencer marketing. The main brands in this field are increasingly adopting branded content strategies. With influencers to maximize their reach and capture a wider audience.

This statement is reflected in the latest data compiled by the ResearchandMarkets consulting firm. This indicates that the world market for influencer marketing aim. At fashion will reach a turnover of 7,800 million euros in 2026 , with sustained annual growth of 38.5%. in the next five years.

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Getting information about a new brand, consumers trust authoritative media and fashion influencers , be they instagrammers, bloggers or tiktokers, among others, when it comes to getting hold of an article, which is why they have become central to Uruguay B2B list digital marketing investments. One of the most common formats in influencer marketing within fashion is that of sponsored articles as a collaboration with relevant media or bloggers, as well as advertorials.

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We must differentiate between the influencers who use social networks to promote products. Services (Instragram, YouTube, etc.) and the media or blogs that become influential due to their audience. Notoriety,” says Marc Zordo, CEO of Getfluence , platform dedicated to branded content through influencers and the media. Both strategies are complementary and necessary, so brands in the textile sector should not underestimate either of them,” he explains.

“The main reason it works is because of the great trust that these media have built with their users. And their recommendations help brands use them as sales pitches for their potential customers,” he concludes.

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