Years ago the death of the PC was predict. Even renowned analysts of today’s technology such as Nicholas Carr came to set an end date for it: January 27, 2010, when Steve Jobs took to a stage in San Francisco to present the iPad. It seemed that the unstoppable advance of tablets and mobile devices would relegate the personal computer to a corner of the room without much use.

But the reality is that the sector is in a better moment than ever. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), total PC sales reached 302.6 million machines in 2020, 13.1% more than in 2019. And for 2021 they are expect to rise even more. It is estimate that they will increase by 18%. According to experts, the pandemic has had a lot to do with the “resurrection” of the PC.

Forced Teleworking Has Brought to The Forefront of Daily Life

That the portable mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) with which we regularly consume content are not designed for the work that we have had to introduce in the domestic sphere,» says Josep Jorba, professor of the Computer Science, Multimedia and how to find a telephone number in Australia Telecommunications Studies at the UOC.

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In any case, in his opinion, the PC had never died. We only relegated its use to the professional world in the office. While at home we replaced it with other devices with basically unidirectional entertainment use. If we limit ourselves to entertainment (series and movies, music, video games…). Both Smart TVs and tablets, mobiles and consoles can take the place of the PC. The same goes for social networks, which when it comes to short interactions are almost exclusively the domain of mobile phones or tablets. However, in the professional field, the use of the PC is often essential.

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