Seedtag has just introduced Seedtag LAB, a program specifically designed to help brands identify their target audience in a cookieless world. Thanks to a personalized data-driven content strategy based on Contextual Intelligence , brands will be able to differentiate themselves from the competition by connecting their unique values ​​with the most appropriate audience and without using cookies.

Brands Have Analyzed Consumers and Created Audience Segments

For many years, brands have analyzed consumers and created audience segments based on age, gender or purchasing power. However, the new changes that are affecting the industry push advertisers to find new ways to identify and target their singapore online phone directory customers . That’s where Seedtag LAB comes in, which has been specially designed to help brands in this transition.

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Through Seedtag LAB, advertisers will be able to precisely understand their true contextual audience and find the content to position their ads that best suits their strategy without using cookies and, therefore, without affecting users’ privacy.

Seedtag Goes One Step Further in Supporting Its Clients

With Seedtag LAB, Seedtag goes one step further in supporting its clients. Providing them with contextual data capable of maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns. Based on Seedtag’s Contextual Intelligence technology. Called LIZ, the program begins with a data-driven content strategy that is custom designed for each client. Allows understanding the real interest of its consumers. Defining the contextual audience of the brand and offering you specially targeted content without using third-party data.

In this way, Seedtag puts its experience and Artificial Intelligence at the service of brands. So that they can better understand the preferences and behavior of their target audience. Thanks to Seedtag LAB, ads are relevant to users because they are directly related to their interests in real-time. To do this, Seedtag relies on its Contextual Intelligence. Creates the so-called ” Content Universe “: which is the multidimensional representation of digital media consumption. Formed from information from each and every one of the articles that users read.

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