We will not wait if there is no agreement in October, but we trust that there will be an agreement, ”said the European Commissioner for Budgets and collects Efe in relation to the introduction of the digital rate.

Johannes Hahn has announced to the Budget Committee of the European Parliament that the European Commission. Will present its proposal to introduce a digital tax in the European Union before the end of the year. Even if the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) does not close its agreement for a new global taxation system.

Last July, Europe postponed its plan to implement the Google tax until the fall after the G20 agreed to set a global minimum tax on multinationals. The meeting to validate this pact is scheduled for October.

MEPs expressed Disappointment and Concern

As detailed by Cinco Días, in Tuesday’s debate, MEPs expressed disappointment and concern over the decision made by the EU to email list providers in India to postpone the negotiations, driven by the announced agreement and by pressure from the United States.

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The budget agreement between the European States. And the European Parliament required Brussels to make a proposal in the first semester. Now, Johannes Hahn has stressed the Commission’s commitment to the proposal for a digital tax. But argues that it makes sense to wait until October to see the OECD agreement. And thus plan a “balanced package”.

For his part, MEP José Manuel Fernandes declared that MEPs “do not understand the delay. Not even in terms of strategy”. Fernandes defends continuing with the proposal to give the European Union more room for negotiation.

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