With the pandemic, companies have been forced to implement digitization plans to survive, new models of consumer behavior have appeared, an evolution of Marketing strategies has been seen to connect with consumers and a change in the model of approach to markets… We talked about all this and much more with Patricia Correas Vadillo, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Central.

What would you say are the new models of consumer behavior that have emerged as a result of the pandemic? As a result of the pandemic, forced changes in consumer behavior have emerged, as a consequence of the measures of forced confinement and social distancing. The increase in online shopping and the “home office” have been two of the emerging trends that I would highlight.

When Consuming and When Working

These two ways of behaving, both when consuming and when working, have also led to a change in the way we communicate. Video conferences came into the lives of consumers not only as a personal channel but also as a professional and educational Venezuela B2B list channel. The need to be hyperconnected with your loved ones and with your favorite brands has also been established in our lives. More than a year has passed and the rise of online stores is a reality, accompanied by new communication channels to connect with the consumer.

Email Database

How would you say that companies have adapted to these new behaviors? What role has digitization played in this? Companies have made great efforts to accelerate their digital transformation processes in line. With the change in customer behavior and their new needs. I think there have been many companies that have been able to adapt very well. And have quickly understood how they had to stay connected with their customers. Establishing new ties/bridges online that were not possible to maintain offline due to the pandemic situation that made it difficult.

Digital Bidirectional Communication Channels

These bridges involved establishing digital bidirectional communication channels that kept the company connected with customers. To continue meeting their needs, both at the level of product or service dispensing and mainly incident resolution. Technology plays a fundamental role in being able to establish. And facilitate these channels and make them work. But we cannot forget the human factor in order to provide a pleasant. User experience and accompany the customer throughout the process.

A company can make many communication channels available to its customers. But if these channels are not connect to each other. It causes customer frustration and communication disconnection.

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