Yes don’t stop pretending that these are hard to understand what is he telling me I don’t understand. The most serious things in life which concern people most deeply are difficult to understand. He doesn’t understand it. Many times we talk about love we talk about religion absolutely incomprehensible things. But they preoccupy us nonetheless and art preoccupies us with the same abstracting power that love preoccupies us. DL With the same persistence. I think it’s covered but I’ll ask the question myself if you want to fill in. Why do we take pictures The common man.

What is it trying to capture

A moment A feeling A fact Imprison a memory To feel a little creative All of these together Is there something for which someone begins Image Manipulation Service to photograph and even with an artistic claim so to speak Or possibly because of fashion possibly because of family acquaintances PR Well very good question and timely. It’s a question I challenge everyone to ask themselves. I will not answer for everyone because it is important to think about why one is taking photos. It doesn’t make sense for you to take pictures. I am often asked if I am glad that everyone is with a smartphone and taking pictures of everything. DL I wanted to ask you that too. PR I’m not happy at all. I’m not happy at all. But I’m not happy at all. I find it unnerving. Yesterday the whole day I was in Livadia.

Image Manipulation Service

I photograph for the reason

That Winogrand a great photographer and teacher also said to see how things look when they are photographed. I’m interested in the Singapore Lead transformation I’m interested in the change the surprise that we all feel when we go home and look at the pictures we made and say did I do something that wasn’t there It is what you said creation. Yes it is a kind of creation. DL You are a creator. PR Don’t be alarmed that the word creation seems something pompous. It’s a simple thing. Did I do something that didn’t exist before me If I didn’t it was over.  I fail Because the artist all the artists The tragic figures are those who deal with the big show cinema theater who want a lot of money.

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