Spark Foundry , Publicis Groupe’s media agency. Presents the results of the second wave of the Digitization Index of Commerce in Spain (IDC). The IDC stands at 57.5 points at the end of the second quarter of 2021 , which represents 1.2 points less than the previous quarter and represents a return to figures from the end of 2020.

The objective of the IDC is to analyze the present reality, its relevance with respect to the past and what we can expect in the future, and that it has been designed taking into consideration various sources such as the Global Web Index (GWI), IAB or AIMC Marcas. To calculate its evolution, it is based on three pillars, from the most general to the most specific: digitization of society , the percentage of Spaniards who shop online and the division of these people into different segments.

The IDC Contrasts Different Profiles of “digital Buyers”

which it segments into five categories -not exclusive- based on their habits, needs and attitudes: SuperDigital , Curious, Pro-Platforms, Social and SuperTechie. The factor that most influences this small decrease is, in all probability, the panama mail service reduction in the number of online shoppers. Although it is still a very widespread activity, recurring online purchases go from 82 to 80% , and those who prefer to keep physical purchases increase to 20%.

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This decrease in digital purchases, both minor and major purchases. Seems to reflect the transition towards greater openness as a result of a lower incidence of the virus. A slight return to more real life and greater use of omnichannel. There are no major changes in the percentages corresponding to the different types of shoppers. Since there was a slight decrease in all of them. The ones that fluctuate the least are the social buyers. This confirms that the different Platforms and Social Networks are a very active part of our day to day.

In the words of Javier Zorita, Business Lead at Spark Foundry. In the temporal evolution of the IDC we appreciate a clear upward trend. But it does not follow a fixed pattern by quarter, since multiple factors influence it. Such as the situation of the pandemic, seasonality in purchases, holiday periods. Key dates in marketplaces among others that cause different adjustments between months.

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