The pandemic has contributed to the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies. However, the majority, represented by 56.2%, is still at the initial stages of this process. Only 10.8% have reached the highest degree of development.

To carry out the study, more than 200 marketing and communication executives from large companies, belonging to 16 sectors and 12 countries in Europe and America, were consulted. The main purpose of this document is to find out at what stage of the path of digitization companies are.

Four Phases Have Been Established

These range from the minimum activity of the brand in the digital environment to the find address from phone number spain maximum evolution based on the automation of processes. 41% of those surveyed perceive themselves as advanced or expert , but the report also highlights that 34% develop practices typical of the most initial state of digital transformation.

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22.2% are in the second level , while 33% consider that they are already in a more advanced situation. In this case, the activities of the different areas, as well as the processes or platforms. Are beginning to adapt to the digital sphere. As we advanced before, only 10.8% reach that highest degree , having a completely digital vision of planning and execution. LLYC highlights that most of these companies have not even reached the halfway point of their digital transformation process.

More Notable Conclusions of ‘deep Digital Journey’

The differences are remarkable from different sectors. For example, Tourism and Leisure is the best located, with 30% of its companies in the highest part of the pyramid. Technology and Telecommunications and Consultancy and legal services are the following, with almost 20%. The most delayed is the public sector, with 70% of the companies in their most initial moment.

Another of the report’s remarkable conclusions is that the most digitized companies are the ones that generate the most business online. In this way, more than 70% of those at the top generate more than 20% of income through this channel.

On the other hand, 73% of the teams do not use artificial intelligence models in their communications. Or campaigns, despite the importance of their role. Of cultural transformation and not only to technological advances. The digitization of certain practices,” explains Adolfo Corujo , Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of LLYC.

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