IAB Spain has presented, together with the Programmatic Advertising Commission, the 2021 Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem infographic – an update of the one prepared in 2017 – sponsored by [nextimize] .

Automated investment models, including programmatic purchasing, will continue to grow and increase their weight this year in relation to traditional contracting (64.4% in 2019 vs. 70.3% in 2020), as reflected in the « Study of Investment in Digital Media 2021» by IAB Spain. However, it is not always easy to understand how this ecosystem works due to its complexity and the number of agents that make it up.

With the Aim of Helping All Professionals

With the aim of helping all professionals to visually understand the programmatic ecosystem, IAB Spain presents an infographic that combines The Bahamas B2B list journeys of both the user and the advertiser, going through the agency, the media and all the elements that give rise to the process of purchase: Artificial Intelligence optimizers, Agencies-Trading Desks, DSPs, CDPs, DMPs, Ad Servers and Ad Verifiers, MPUs, Online Media-Publishers, and CMPs.

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The infographic reflects how the new highly digitized ecosystem represents a system of “digital highways ”. Where the automation and artificial intelligence tools of the different players play a crucial role.

Programmatic Ecosystem Infographic

Thus, the new edition includes a simple version with a summary of the fundamental steps. And another more complete advanced version. In addition, they have created an animated version . Behind the realization of this infographic are the members of the Programmatic Advertising Commission of IAB Spain : Santiago Gala (Adbibo by Next14), Sonia Medina (Adevinta), Roxana Durdeu (Bidbalance), Iñigo Moran (Fisherman), Víctor Solís ( Freewheel), Mónica Diaz (Google), Gema Núñez (Google), Juan Manuel Parra [nextimize], Víctor Garrido (Nurse), Javier Martínez (ONiAd), Xavier Garrido (Prisa BS), Moisés Muñoz (Publiespaña) and Cristina Valbuena ( teads).

The first infographic on the “Programmatic Buying and Selling Ecosystem” was launched in 2014. When very few people knew about this new form of buying and selling. And at that time it became a reference. Being translate into several languages, as he recalls. Belén Acebes, director of operations of IAB Spain. In 2017 they launched a much more complex one in English that was an international reference. Was request by IAB US, IAB Australia and IAB UK, among others. Today, four years later, we present the new update. Animate infographic so that it is visually understood in an easy way. With interaction to delve into the more technical aspects. I want to thank the entire working group for their excellent work”, adds Acebes.

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