So I photograph because I am very interested in the process. I’m interested in the relationship I have with the world while I’m photographing and with the photograph while I’m at home seeing what I did or didn’t do. Now is this going anywhere Do I want to leave a project Never. Not interested. Besides here we don’t know when we will die how do I know how to close the movie that is my life I don’t know the final scene to make the script. So we go through the joy it gives me and the curiosity to create something that without me did not exist and possibly communicate with some people with it.

If I manage to communicate

Wouldn’t I like to sell a photo and make a penny Of course. Possibly this too. But my prioritization of goals is not that. If I Change the Hierarchy Wedding Photo Editing and Say I’m Interested. In Communication First I’m Interested in Money First. And Then Creation I’ve Hit It. I Have to Prioritize Even My Reasons for Photographing. Dl I Think You Are a Genuine Creator Without Judging It. A Question Raised by Readers and I Imagine Your Students Too How. Important is Technical Perfection to a Good Photographer if There is Talent if There is a Predisposition Internal to. Someone Who Will Become a Great Photographer. And if There is Which I Think You Have Stated. There is What is More Important is It Talent or Hard Work and Impeccable. Technique Pr Well Let’s Take Them One by One.

Wedding Photo Editing

We already talked

About intelligence right There must be a special intelligence we cannot define it but we feel it must exist. The talent. Obviously something Singapore Lead exists we have experienced it in our lives someone has it again. The fairies gave it to him when he was born good God I don’t know. It’s jealousy you see he has it and the other one doesn’t. DL From kindergarten. PR From kindergarten. But there is something very comforting. Each of us believes and hopes that he has talent and at the same time doubts and fears that he does not.  So since no one will solve this question for us don’t we get it out of the way and keep quiet That is what concerns us about something that we will not answer when If we have or don’t have talent There Van Gogh says all this is fine but because we are painters we must paint.

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