That the current consumer effectively drinks the winds for technology is also reflected in another fact. 66% of consumers prefer to interact with brands on digital channels. 73% consider that interaction with companies is easier on platforms on-line. In addition, 85% of consumers say that having a digital presence will be absolutely essential for brands eager to achieve success in the future.

Wunderman Thompson’s report put more than 3,000 consumers from the United States and China under the microscope and also includes interviews with 15 experts about their opinion of the ubiquitous “metaverse.”

Sounds Chinese to Many Consumers

Although the “metaverse” still sounds Chinese to many consumers, the truth is that brands are already getting on this train by creating how to get mobile number of a person in India virtual universes in video games and launching all kinds of digital paraphernalia with the invaluable support of “blockchain” technology. ». Facebook, without going any further, aspires to reinvent itself by gambling everything on the “metaverse” card.

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And it seems that those brands that sink their teeth into the “metaverse” beforeh. And will have a much easier time connecting with a consumer. Whose purchasing and consumption habits have changed radically in recent months. However, invading virtual spaces with advertising. That are soon more or less intimate entails many risks.

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