After 16 years in operation, one of the most well-known places on the internet, Yahoo Answers , closes on May 4. This question-and-answer platform, which has been operational since 2005. Has been part of popular culture for all that time, both for better and for worse. As it has been the subject of multiple jokes due to the questions raised by some users and the responses from many others. As announced by the company, from that day the Yahoo Answers website will redirect to the home page of Yahoo!

Reasons for Closing Yahoo Answers

Users will have until June 30 to request their data. Because after this date there will be no way to retrieve data from the platform. That includes “all user-generated content, including your list of questions, your answers, and any images,” the Jordan B2B list point out from Yahoo!, which was acquired in 2017 by Verizon Media Group.

Email Database

The main reason why they have decided to make this decision has been because. Yahoo Answers “has become less popular over the years” , so the company has decided to allocate its resources to other areas. “We have decided to divert our resources from Yahoo. Answers to focus on products that better serve our members and deliver on the promise of Yahoo! to provide reliable and top quality content”, they have assured from the company in the official statement.

“We launched Yahoo Answers sixteen years ago to help people around the world connect and share information. With millions of users, we have created the best website for asking and answering questions on a wide variety of topics, creating a global knowledge-sharing community.”

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