All children want happy endings, help us write them” is the main motto of “Stories to wake up” , the campaign resulting from the collaboration between Facebook and Save The Children. With this action, both firms intend to raise awareness about the importance of promoting diversity in the classroom.

To do so, Facebook has created a series of audiovisual materials that contribute to understanding the positive. Impact that coexisting with diversity has on children. In this way, the videos talk about how different ethnic groups or socioeconomic. Variety can help offer other perspectives to the little ones so that they can grow up in an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment.

The Idea for The Campaign Was Conceived

In addition, The advertising festival was organize by the Club de Creativos and Facebook Spain as part of the Hack for Good creative competition. Nagore Suárez García, Mikel Fernández and Verónica Ratero Gómez, students from the Brother Madrid school, were the Bangladesh B2B list winners of the contest. His proposal, “Stories to wake up”, was later produce by Zuckerberg’s company and the production company Antistatic.

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In conclusion, Mixing at school is positive. The diversity of social class or ethnic origin generates solidarity attitudes. Prevents xenophobia and develops creativity, among other positive elements », she continues explaining.

For his part, this is what José Luis Zimmermann. Director of Public Affairs of Facebook Spain and Portugal, has declared. With this new campaign resulting from Hack for Good we hope to help raise awareness of the benefits of diversity. The importance it has fight against stereotypes, especially in the educational environment.

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