During this last year, characterized by the pandemic, citizens have experienced changes in their digital consumption habits. If the internet was important, after the lockdown it has become even more fundamental.

The acceleration of digitization has been one of the keys to this period, in which the habits of Internet users have been altered. The question marketers are asking right now is whether these trends will continue once normalcy returns. According to figures from Acierto, Internet traffic has increased by 50% since March of last year. The rise reached historical maximums coinciding with the declaration of the state of alarm.

Spaniards Say They Take More Advantage

Specifically, almost 2 out of 4 Spaniards say they take more advantage of the possibilities of the network now, and that they use more Russia WhatsApp Number List applications and programs than before the pandemic. This includes the use of electronic signatures, financial apps and video calls, for example.

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Online shopping has been another of the great beneficiaries . Data from Acierto.com indicates that 3 out of 4 households have made purchases online during this season. And up to 70% say they will continue to shop this way from now on. The most purchased products are electronics, fashion, sports equipment and books. On the other hand, a drop is observed in terms of food products compared to the start of the pandemic.

Another Cause of Changes in Consumption Habits

Our consumption of streaming content and the use of social networks also increased. As for this first one, experts consider that 2020 was the year of streaming, since it was at the center of our entertainment and our social relationships. Series, movies, games and video calls were our best company.

Currently, and although consumption has begun to normalize, it has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels nor is it expected to. This is especially the case when it comes to entertainment and older users. These are over 55 years old and had not yet made the leap to video streaming platforms. Regarding social networks, the pandemic increased their use by 27%

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