SEO is the ability of a web page to be among the first results of the search engine in the face of user queries. It is a discipline that is in constant evolution and that lives on frequent updates that are optimized to offer a better user experience to the Internet user.

Google, which is the main search engine on the Internet, has developed artificial intelligence systems in recent years that aim to find more efficient and precise answers to user questions.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Allows Search Engines

To offer more specific results in response to these user demands. Online marketing agencies have to put all the meat on the grill in these new Bahrain WhatsApp Number List digital marketing strategies, and that is exactly what the Brutal SEO agency is trying to do, a pioneer in this technology applied to web positioning.

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José Cebrián, CEO of Brutal SEO and expert in the use of artificial intelligence
In Brutal SEO they are aware that the Internet user is increasingly demanding in their queries. The Internet is no longer an almost virgin scenario in which practically any content is enough to attract the eyes of Internet users. It is essential to give the consumer what he wants at home moment. SEO is a good example of this. When a user performs a search, what he wants to find is a precise answer.

This Agency Is One of The Pioneers

In the sector at a national level in using artificial intelligence in all aspects of SEO. Identification and creation of better backlinks. Creation of original content that positions the websites of its clients and analysis of the internal structure from competing websites.

All these points are key to giving a more specific response to the user. And end up clicking on the company page. José Cebrián, an SEO consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Is an expert in this reality and can advise. From his career that is practically parallel to the entire evolution of web positioning, how to find attractive formulas to offer outstanding results for Google searches.

A priori, at first glance, Brutal SEO offers a very simple work system. It will incorporate Artificial Intelligence in the creation of projects. For clients from the first processes. Since this is associated with advantages in the economic field. Significant cost savings and improvement in development times.

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