Las Rozas Village (2.67%), Dia (3.86%) and Audi (2.42%) are the brands that are on the podium of digital advertising investment in April 2020. This is reflected in the latest report prepared by Arce Media-Auditsa, which has analyzed a total of 6,330 signatures and 34,384 creatives. In March 2021, those on the podium were Madrid (3.01%), BBVA (2.72%) and Back Market (2.25%).

The top 10 in April is completed by the companies Goto (2.20%), El Corte Inglés (2.18%), Etoro (1.52%), CaixaBank (1.41%), Mapfre (1.32%) , Madrid City Council (1.16%) and the Community of Madrid (1.15%).

The Ranking by Sectors Is Led

By Distribution and Restoration (20.02%). This is the field that has had the most creatives, with 7,836 from 1,366 brands . Then we have the Public and Private Services (13.37%) and Automotive (11.11%). In the latter case, we see Venezuela WhatsApp Number List that there have been 3,119 creatives, but these come from only 209 different companies.

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The list is completed by the sectors of Finance and Insurance (10.45%), Telecommunications. And Internet (7.33%), Culture, Education and Media (7.08%), Transport, Travel and Tourism (5.65%) , Food (5.37%), Construction (2.87%) and Home (2.32%).

Sites to Which the Digital Advertising Investment

On the other hand, advertising investment on the Internet has gone mainly to Facebook (18.42%), YouTube (16.99%) and El País (6.23%). They are the same three that led in March , with the only change that in this previous month it was YouTube that was first instead of Facebook, with 27.07% compared to 13.79% for the social platform. The media maintains its third position with respect to that period.

Then we find El Mundo (5.34%), ABC (3.30%), La Vanguardia (3.30%), Marca (2.87%), Telecinco (2.26%), AS (2%) and Hello (1.48%). The main changes at this point compared to March have been the disappearance of Habitaclia and Woman. While Hola, which was in sixth place, has remained in tenth. La Vanguardia and Telecinco, which did not appear, have grown during the month of April.

Regarding the purchase of advertising, 26% has been programmatic, while 74% is part of the direct one. If we look at the typology, 62% belongs to the display and 38% to the video.

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