art of your subject through an exhaustive search in the main databases USA Email List where they are indexed. (SCOPUS and WOS) 7 “Method wrongly selected / performed”. The Method section of our manuscript is thoroughly reviewed by quality journals (many of them have methodological reviewers only for this section) so that in addition to selecting journals that publish articles in USA Email List accordance with our methodological line, pay special attention to the elaboration of the Method. . 8 “Unsubstantiated number of authors”. In the regulations for authors, the maximum number of researchers who can sign an article is usually specified. If yours exceeds it and you do not want it to be rejected, do not forget to substantiate, in USA Email List the cover letter,

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the reason for that number. 9 “Use of an English -not professional-. USA Email List Professional translators work in scientific impact journals who detect the quality of our translations (of the metadata or of the entire article if required) so if your English is not excellent and you do not want your work to be rejected, hire you to a professional translator. 10 “Lack of attached documents.” USA Email List The journals specify a series of documents to be uploaded, in addition to the anonymized manuscript. The number and type of these documents varies depending on the journal (Title page, Cover letter, Highlight, declaration of interest, etc.) USA Email List and the article management platforms will not let us finish the process if they are not included,

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but just in case Perhaps and if you do not want to be rejected, USA Email List provide all the documents that they request. Taking into account these ten possible causes of rejection will not guarantee that your article will be published / rejected after the review but it will certainly help to USA Email List ensure that your article is not rejected, pass the filter of the “edit review” and be put in review. by pairs. Whenever we start to write an article, what worries us most is the quantity and quality of the information that we are going to USA Email List disseminate and if our contribution will contribute in any way to advance science. However, the necessary attention is not always paid to the type of text presented, its organization,

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