Discover APA Appointments 7.0 Communicate now , Portugal Email List and share with your entire scientific community! Presenting statistical data in APA 7 style Portugal Email List Avello Martinez | March The APA style, as described in the Publication Manual (see 7th), offers guidelines for writing academic articles. These guides include writing essentials such as punctuation, capitalization, italics, Portugal Email List abbreviations, symbols, numbers, lists, as well as math and statistics. These guides are supplemented by examples of good writing practice in general terms. In particular, in the case of statistical information, the APA style provides the Portugal Email List content and form standards agreed by the scientific community in this field

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(psychology) and the requirements for clear communication. It is Portugal Email List valid to clarify that the manual only specifies the presentation standards, no suggestions are offered for the choice of statistical tests, analysis or interpretation of the data. This section is extensive and is Portugal Email List sometimes one of the most complex to apply and follow in scientific writing, especially by novice researchers. For the sake of synthesizing this information, I will comment on the main elements to help its application. Statistical information can be presented in text, in tables and / or figures, following the following recommendations: Portugal Email List if three or fewer numbers are presented, a sentence should be used; in case of presenting

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more than 4 to 20 numbers, try to use a table; and more than Portugal Email List numbers it is preferable to use graphics. Do not add references to commonly used statistics, such as “ Cohen’s d ,” only provide references when they are rare statistics, are used in a controversial or Portugal Email List unconventional way, or when statistics is the main topic of the article. Similarly, do not add statistical formulas that are in common use, only provide them when the statistic or mathematical expression is new, rare, or essential to the research Portugal Email List presented. When reporting the results of the inferential statistical analysis (eg t and F tests, Chi-square, effect size, and confidence intervals), enough information should be included to

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