Infographics are an essential part of any marketing company. You can use them to present ideas to your clients, to explain the advantages of a product to its potential users, to organize your company’s accounts, or to organize a project with your team. Its uses are very diverse, so it should not surprise you that more and more people are using Wondershare EdrawMax to boost the performance of their marketing company or even to improve their work as freelancers within this sector.

Find out below all the advantages of Wondershare EdrawMax to create infographics, how you can use it for your marketing projects, and what other uses this excellent design application has.

Over 260 Different Diagram Types

As soon as you open Wondershare EdrawMax for the first time. And start exploring its different tools, you will realize that you have more than 260 different types of diagrams available. With tons of templates to choose from in each one. You can select architect contact list flowcharts, Ishikawa diagrams, timelines, floor plans. Engineering drawings, and much more. And, of course, you will find a wide variety of schemes. And diagrams that you will be able to use for your marketing projects. Suitable not only to present them to your clients. But also to organize the work of your teams or the freelancers who collaborate with you in punctual projects.

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Discover All Its Predefined Templates!

With Wondershare EdrawMax you will be able to download editable Word infographics for free because it has hundreds of Word infographic templates. Downloading this type of template is very easy.

And, in fact, a large part of its users start using Wondershare EdrawMax precisely because it allows them to use templates for free editable infographics of all kinds, for example, diagrams for plans, concept maps, spine diagrams of fish, algorithmic diagrams and many other different ones. Thanks to Wondershare EdrawMax’s predefined templates, you’ll have half the work already done!

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