Sciences and Education in Spain. Spanish Journal of Scientific Documentation, Sierra Leone Email List .Importance of the section “Materials and methods” in scientific articles Luis-Miguel Romero Sierra Leone Email List Materials and Sierra Leone Email List methods is perhaps the most important section to evaluate the general quality of any research dissemination product, as it is the one that explains to readers what procedures, approaches, designs and Sierra Leone Email List treatment we have carried out in the research, which will allow the studies to be replicated , understand the linearity between the Sierra Leone Email List approach of the objectives and the results obtained, determine their suitability and relevance,

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as well as show any bias in the way in which the study was designed and carried Sierra Leone Email List out. Obviously, the way in which this section is usually written changes depending, on the one hand, on the scientific discipline, but on the other -and to a large extent- on the editorial and publication rules ( see Revista Comunicar rules ). There are even different ways to write this section Sierra Leone Email List if it is an empirical research or a study of a more analytical nature (state of the art, grounded theory, etc.). However, the way in which the investigation was carried out must always be clearly and neatly declared in the text., as it is what will Sierra Leone Email List allow us to understand first-hand the design, scope, data collection techniques, sample

Sierra Leone Email List

and sampling strategies, study intervals, among other aspects that contribute to give objective value and reliability to the results obtained. In this line, the choice of materials Sierra Leone Email List and methods will depend in the first place on the objectives of the investigation and the hypotheses (if any), since it will be these that will initially determine: The type of research: Documentary, field, semi-Sierra Leone Email List experimental or experimental. The research design: Quantitative, qualitative or mixed. The scope of the research: Exploratory, descriptive, correlational, explanatory or predictive. Likewise, the materials and methods section Sierra Leone Email List explains the techniques that have been carried out, always justifying them

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