Unfortunately, you can’t take a full-page screenshot in every app, it only worked for me in Safari. video player 00:00 00:17 Using widgets & arranging pages The options for the looks of your Iphone have also changed. You can now decorate your home screen pages with widgets . Widgets are useful because they display information without having to open the app. For example for the weather forecast or your agenda. To add this, press and hold any application, tap ‘change home screen’ and then the plus (+) at the top left. Take a look around here and tap the widgets you would like to use.

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Furthermore, to continue editing your homepage, you can also rank your pages. Press an application again, then tap edit homepage and then the Ghana Phone Number bar at the bottom. Now you can drag the pages into a different order. That saves time! video player 00:00 00:16 Protect notes and use hashtags lock I put a lot of important information in my notes. But I am also aware of the dangers, because anyone who has my iPhone in their hands can open and view it just like that. That’s why Apple has now offered the option to put a code on your note.

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You press and hold the note you want to lock and a menu with options will automatically appear. You tap on ‘ lock note ‘ and set a password. Now when you open the note again, you’ll need to open the lock first. If you put the hashtags in the note (this word will turn yellow) and go back to the first page of notes, you will see ‘hashtags’ under the folders. Tap the hashtag you’re looking for and quickly get to the notes you were looking for. Handy anyway! Hide notifications Do you also find it so annoying when someone sends a message and your neighbor is secretly watching your notifications? That’s a thing of the past with the feature to hide your notifications.

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