The use of automatic translators is Tajikistan Email List never allowed due to their poor quality. The KEYWORDS / WORDS must be based on a Thesaurus, with the simple terms Tajikistan Email List most used in the subject; for example, that of UNESCO. Only in exceptional cases are new terms accepted. structure-033) It is very important that, in the BODY OF WORK, the manuscripts rigorously respect the structure of the journal: Tajikistan Email List INTRODUCTION AND STATE OF THE QUESTION. It must include the fundamentals and purpose of the study, using bibliographic citations, as well as the most significant and recognized literature review on the subject at a national and international level. The emptying in JCR and Scopus to publish in journals Tajikistan Email List of these levels is very significant. MATERIAL AND METHODS.

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The sample and sampling strategies must be described, Tajikistan Email List as well as the type of statistical analysis used. If it is an original methodology, it is necessary to state the reasons that have led to its use and describe its possible limitations. ANALYSIS AND RESULTS: The relevant observations must be described, without making value judgments, indicating the material and methods used, as Tajikistan Email List well as the most relevant results of the investigation. The results will be presented in figures or / and tables in a logical sequence in the text, avoiding data redundancy. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS: The findings are collected, Tajikistan Email List pointing out the contributions and limitations, without reiterating data already commented.

Tajikistan Email List

It is necessary to indicate the inferences and their limitations, Tajikistan Email List including potentialities for future research, as well as to link the conclusions with the objectives of the study, avoiding gratuitous statements and conclusions not fully supported by the data of the work. NOTES: Tajikistan Email List They are considered exceptional and will always go to the end of the article (before the References). Simple bibliographic citations (without comments), must go in the References. SUPPORTS: The Council Science Editors recommends that authors specify the source of funding for the research. In high-impact magazines, Tajikistan Email List priority is given to works with the endorsement of competitive national and international projects. In any case, for the scientific evaluation of the manuscript, it must be anonymized for its initial evaluation,

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