The ball will roll across the playing fields in Matchday 1 of the Liga MX Femenil Apertura 2018 and on Sunday. July 15 with the SuperCopa MX and the Champion of Champions at the Stubhub Center in Carson. California. For VOIT. the exposure of its brand during the matches of the Mexican soccer league leaves an important reminder to the fan of its company. In addition to the fact that. over the years. It has managed to achieve an identity with this sport. Nielsen data show that in an average Liga MX game. the fences generate 50 percent of the total number of seconds exposed. While the front of the jersey. 15 percent of the total time (480 seconds); If this is achieved with signatures that depend on the position of the ball on the court.

Is the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo an expense or an investment for Juventus? The question has a simple answer. Just look at the price of the Italian club’s shares. Which began to rise at the beginning of July. When the first versions of the transfer took place and which have now stabilized 30% higher than in the first six months of the year. That’s right. the average value of each Juventus share was $0.65 between January and June. However. in the first 10 days of July. With the emergence of versions of the pass and then with Ronaldo’s transfer. Already averaged $0.85 each. And it does not seem that they are going to fall in the medium term.

In Such A Way That

Several reports had been published about a Benin whatsapp number list transfer to the Italian club. Which raised market expectations. See “The Christianomania in Turin” . The operation. of 117 million dollars (105 million euros). is an amount higher than the little more than 105 million dollars that Real Madrid had paid for Ronaldo to Manchester United. back in 2009. The Portuguese. despite his 33 years. Is ranked 24th among the most valuable soccer players with a value of 103.4 million euros. In addition. although it is not a direct income for the “Juve brand”. The 28 million dollars per year that different brands pay to use Ronaldo’s image (according to Forbes) is evidence of the strong global interest.


The player’s businesses range from perfumes and blankets to his own video game. In addition to being the image of the FIFA video game for years. Even the former Real Madrid soccer player is in the process of opening a hotel on Madrid’s Gran Vía with the Pestana chain. The official presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus is scheduled for next Monday. The day on which all the typical procedures of an event with these characteristics will be carried out. we will see the player in the stadium. his first press conference. put on the team jersey. Among other activities. However. the phenomenon produced by the arrival of the number 7 shirt has already had an impact on the Bianconeri environment

The Presentation Of

It was reported in various media that the club’s shares increased by more than five percent on Tuesday. The store online of the sports institution collapsed. Likewise. various personalities from Juventus. as well as from the city of Turin. have welcomed the Portuguese guest of honor. who will remain in that town for the next four years. In the midst of the World Cup. the news of the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus diverted the attention of the tournament to the departure of one of the best players on the planet in the modern history of football. who at 33 is capable of maintaining a price of 100 million euros. Aspect that has been taken up by the player’s supporters and they have transformed it into criticism of Real Madrid for the departure of one of his greatest references.

In turn. The Juventus players have expressed their welcome on social networks to the Lusitanian striker who has the task of equaling the successes obtained in Madrid during his nine years of stay in a shorter time and with an older age. It looks like a scene from Star Wars. but no. It is Belgian TV interviewing. from Brussels. Eden Hazard . Who was in Russia. Advances in television are imperative when it comes to being able to compete with new forms of communication and holograms are part of one of the strategies. In this case. the world is surprise by this interview that is already viral on social networks. The figure of the Belgian national team was brilliantly incorporate into the image of that country’s TV studio. The mix is so impressive that you can’t tell the difference from a normal shot.

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