Qualifio, Europe’s leading SaaS platform for interactive marketing and data collection, presents brands with an attractive and transparent alternative with the aim of helping them interact with their consumers in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), adapt to the new cookieless world and support them in a digitization process that has been accelerated by COVID-19.

New Context for Users and Companies

After that, The GDPR provided a legal framework based on transparency in the process of collecting user data by companies. In fact, in the current VUCA scenario (volatile, uncertain, belgium telephone number changing and ambiguous) in which we live, with a higher level of digitalization promoted by the coronavirus, and with Google’s decision to eliminate third-party cookies.

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In addition, consumers are more aware of their rights in terms of privacy. Are more critical of possible abuses in terms of data protection. In this sense, the challenge of the business ecosystem is notorious because it must change this perception and demonstrate transparency, empathy, creativity and responsibility. In the collection and processing of data that seems key in the near future.

How Does It Affect the Business and Advertising Ecosystem?

After that,  This announcement caused an earthquake in the business ecosystem and the world of marketing that has created a complex network of solutions and techniques around these code fragments. An ecosystem that must now adapt to these changes.

In conclusion, “In the new cookieless world, consumers are going to exercise more control over the data. They share with advertisers. For their part, advertisers will begin to have less reach in their targeting tactics. These will have to resort to first-party data and develop new. Innovative ways to access and interact with their target audience. As for the media, probably the most affected. This change is leading them to develop new strategies to monetize their audiences”. Said Antonio Molina, CMO of Qualifio, referring to the consequences of a cookieless world.

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