BBVA (5.02%), DIA (3.34%) and OUIGO (1.92%) occupy the podium of advertisers who have allocated a greater advertising investment. To the internet in the month of May 2021, as revealed by the data published monthly by Arce Media-Audits. The previous month, the brands that were in the first positions were DIA (3.86%), Las Rozas Village (2.67%) and Audi (2.42%). CA Madrid (1.14%), Volvo (1.03%), Madrid City Council (0.9%), Decathlon (0.96%) and Apple (0.95%).

If We Stop at The Ranking by Sectors

Distribution and Restoration is in first position (17.02%) with 9,018 creatives from 1,518 brands. The top 10 is completed by Public and Private Chile WhatsApp Number List Services (13.42%), Finance and Insurance (13.17%), Automotive (10.64%), Transportation, Travel and Tourism (8.53%), Telecommunications and Internet ( 8.04%), Culture, Teaching and Media (7.06%), Food (2.96%), Home (2.71%) and Construction (2.57%).

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The ranking of sectors in April was led by Distribution and Restaurants (20.02%), Public and Private Services (13.37%) and Automotive (11.11%) .

Sites to Which Online Advertising Investment Has Gone

The sites that follow them by percentage of investment are El Mundo (5.77%). ABC (4.04%), La Vanguardia (3.61%), Marca (3.33%), El Confidencial (2.35 %), AS (2.28%) and El Economista (1.90%). In the month of April, the first three positions were occupied by Facebook (18.42%), YouTube (16.99%) and El País (6.23%)

70.28% directly , according to the Arce Media-Auditsa report from May 2021. On the other hand, regarding the typology, 71.56% of the ads were display and 28.44% video. In total, for the advertising investment report for the internet medium in May.

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