With the disappearance of third-party cookies. The ban has been open to discuss data privacy on the Internet and the legislation in this field. This is precisely what CARAT ‘s round table ‘Privacy first, a journey. To the new internet’ at the Digital Enterprise Show (DES) has been about.

Rafael Martínez , the company’s Programmatic Lead, was in charge of moderating this talk. After that,  Bernabé Mohedano , Head of Media and Digital Marketing of Banco Santander; Rafael López-Galiacho of Iberdrola; Tacho Otero , Director of Product Strategy and Advertising Digital Transformation at Unidad Editorial and Alberto García , Data & Tech Lead at CARAT.

Should Privacy Legislation Be Increased?

In addition, The speakers began by debating whether more legislation is need in the field of privacy. “The law has to respond to the needs of users ,” said Otero. For his part, López-Galiacho explained that what the Internet user demands is “more sanity and Senegal WhatsApp Number List real information about what is done with their data.”

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After that, Along the same lines, Mohedano assured the following: «The user has uncertainty and to solve it, brands have to generate trust, be responsible, transparent and offer performance to customers in exchange for their data».

Moreover, Alberto García was the one who asked if the elimination of third-party cookies was the solution. Above all, “The regulation must be the same for all the actors and not favor a monopoly”, he affirmed. He added that removing these cookies “may spell the end of the open internet as we know it, which is support by advertising.”

Tacho Otero Agreed and Stressed that This Step

In conclusion, “does not respond to a change in legislation.“It is the decision of a company and there is a risk that a monopoly will be create ”, he indicated. In counterpoint, López-Galiacho commented that data and technology had been misuse. And that digital advertising has to put the user back at the center.

Similarly, “Brands have to strengthen their first party data. Above all, equip themselves with technology to make it interoperable and scalable with the entire ecosystem. Walled gardens, open internet. And their digital assets,” said Alberto García.

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