Digital advertising is growing by leaps and bounds to try to take advantage of traditional media such as radio or television. Despite its advantages, there are also difficulties, and one of them is the high level of competition and the fact that public attention is extremely volatile.

The copywriter Javi Pastor has reflected on what are the ingredients that the big brands use in their most effective ads . Thus, the expert concludes that firms always try to address a specific audience, meet their needs and manage to excite them through a short and direct message.

“The big idea must be able to be condensed into a hashtag. If not, something is wrong », he clarifies, after pointing out that it is necessary to look for the words that the client uses, find the ideas that he has in his head and see how they can be quickly represented. This last point acquires greater relevance if we take into account that the attention time of each individual is minimal , as indicated in a report by Barlovento Comunicación . The shorter the stay on the Internet, the more the demand for content and advertising increases.

The 4 Keys of The Great Brands to Create Effective Ads

Next, we break down the four elements that Javi Pastor recommends taking into account when developing an advertising strategy.

1. Target an established and concrete community
All messages must be direct and aimed at a very specific audience that already knows the brand. And is aligned with its values. Having a Spain B2B list community of loyal customers who are willing to buy again is not an easy task. To achieve this type of relationship, you have to be constant in communications , from social networks to newsletters. On the other hand, it is essential that there be honesty and transparency , as well as fluid communication.

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2. Know the wishes and needs of the target
By knowing what the demands of the audience are, we will be able to satisfy their wishes and solve the problems they have. Contributing to the well-being of customers will make them more willing than if we only list the characteristics of the product or service.

“No one cares about you. Neither you, nor your product nor what you sell. What matters is the true transformation you achieve in your clients. The rest… it doesn’t matter,” says Pastor. Apple is the example that Pastor sets in terms of the consumer experience as the main axis of the campaigns. The main concept of the brand of the bitten apple is to present. How good the consumer’s life can be with its product. So it does not offer a material item, but a lifestyle based on technology and innovation.

All Advertising Campaigns Must Be Consistent

Proof of the success of your message is that there are endless queues every time a new mobile goes on sale. Without even investigating its qualities. Each advertising action that is develope must follow the path of a global marketing strategy. In this way, each tone and each purpose will be consistent with the rest of the pieces, so there will be brand coherence.

By offering a solid and consistent image, we will contribute to forming a feeling of belonging to that community or “tribe”, as Pastor calls it. This will undoubtedly help to improve the credibility of the company.

4. It is necessary to excite and simplify
Clear , simple and direct ads that appeal to a specific emotion with which the public identifies are the most effective. It will be useless to prepare a complex or convoluted piece. If the audience we are addressing is not capable of capturing the speech.

If we have done all the previous steps and know every feature of our target by heart. We will know which is the key to touch to awaken the necessary feeling to establish the desire. By feeling this over a long period of time, customers won’t feel like they’re wasting time or money.

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