These three trends largely summarize where digital marketing is heading right now. Automation and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is much more present in our lives than we think. Digital marketing is a clear example of this. In this sense, an essential formula to explore is the use of chat bots , assistants that use artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation as if they were a person.

These systems manage to dialogue with humans using predetermined and cognitive responses to user queries. Its use is as common as the use of Voice Search , voice search, which is present in those already well-known virtual assistants: Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, Cortana or Alexia.

Where Artificial Intelligence Plays a Key Role

Another scenario where artificial intelligence plays a key role is in content marketing itself. Implementing AI solutions to train engines that are capable of generating attractive and highly personalized content is something that is already being tested and that, in some way, could support the work of copywriters.

Omnichannel strategy: the importance of having an aligned strategy across all channels
The second fundamental trend in digital Germany B2B list marketing is omnichannel. As Sergi Lechado, CEO of Rodanet, an online marketing agency, tells us : “it is no longer enough to have a website and work on SEO, SEM, social networks… There has to be a common digital strategy where all the channels and offer the user a personalized experience.

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since the users who visit the website, the blog, the YouTube channel or the profiles on the different social networks will have very different profiles . Even segmenting the advertising and promotional campaigns well, the customer who reaches a certain product or service through TikTok is going to be different from the one who arrives from Twitter.

This Omnichannel Approach Is Not Always Easy to Achieve

Similarly, omnichannel does not require being present on all platforms, but on all those that can be exploited. And that are consistent with what the company or organization wants to implement. The personalization of the clients leads to work well all these phenomena. It is better not to have a presence on Twitch if you don’t know how to take advantage of the platform , than to do so and generate rejection that can rebound to other sales channels.

SEO from another prism, visual searches
Continuing with the previous point. Where we insisted that classic promotion strategies are no longer enough. We now focus on positioning, on SEO, but on a different SEO, visual SEO.

With voice searches and virtual assistants, this topic is already treate from another perspective. But to this we add visual searches. Visual search offers a search experience that is more similar to the way we interact with our environment. The technique is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that train computers. And mobile devices to distinguish between different elements of an image , such as color, shape and size.

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