However. what the media point out is that Modric’s situation. Being considered a suspect due to an alleged false testimony that he gave in his statements on June 13. 2017 before the Court and differ from those given on August 30. 2015 before the Office for the Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime. As part of the defense of the Croatian star. He argued that when he signed the judicial record on his 2015 testimony he had not read the documentation well. But his former lawyer confirmed that he read those minutes twice before signing. In such a way that the punishment could be 5 years in prison. The workers of FCA have amassed the fortune of the owners for at least three generations and the only thing they have received in return during all this time is a life of misery” is part of the statement with which the.

Base Union of the automaker Italian Fiat announced the stoppage of all activity at the car plant from July 15 to 17 in rejection of the hiring of Cristiano Ronaldo by Juventus . And it is that they did not like anything that the company allocated 100 million euros in the acquisition of the footballer while more than eight thousand employees have to adjust their belts because they have not received a salary increase for a decade. “It is unacceptable that while FCA and Cnhi workers continue to ask for huge economic sacrifices for years. The same decision to spend hundreds of millions of euros for the purchase of a player. Is it normal that a single person earns millions and that thousands of families do not arrive in the middle of the month?

So The Last Adjustments

Information from the Italian newspaper Belize whatsapp number list  reported that around 1.640 Fiat employees were fired while 5.857 workers are forced into a “solidarity contract” which consists of working less and receiving lower income. During the four seasons that the Portuguese footballer will remain with the Italian team. an economic spill of 120 million euros will be generated in favor of the player’s coffers; According to Corriere dello Sport . Gerardo Giannone . An employee of the automaker for 18 years. Exploded due to Ronaldo’s situation and the lack of workers. “After Higuaín. also Cristiano Ronaldo?. 200 euros of raises could be given to all employees”.


The labor conflict in the factory has lasted for years and not only has to do with wages. Reported El País. since last April. UBS published a statement in which it lamented the fact that the firm’s workers had to wear “robotic garments” to deal with an “obviously untenable work position”. The Agnelli family. which owns 30 percent of the car group. Hinted in recent days that Ronaldo’s transaction will require a total of 350 million euros for Juventus. An amount that will be unlinked from the Fiat accounts . derived from that even UEFA would not allow the vehicle company to pay for part of the acquisition. However this opens the way for Cristiano to become the image of the brand from now on. Detailed the Spanish media.

Are Already Being Made

Despite arriving as a competitive team. Croatia is not the one with the most dazzling squad or the one that attracts the most attention from the media. Social networks and. of course. brands. however they broke all odds by beating England and qualifying to the final of Russia 2018 . And. what the Croatians have achieved is once again confirmed by the FIFA World Cup. Which makes each of the world turn its attention to the host country. Which makes it one of the sporting events with the greatest scope and weight in the world. something that It is reflected in its value as a brand estimated at 229 million dollars. According to information from Forbes. What better example than this afternoon’s trends in which the hashtags.

As well as the Perisic and Let’s go Croatia tags. . This Wednesday the second semifinal of Russia 2018 was play. between the teams of Croatia and England. Those of continental Europe. A country with less than 20 years of existence. Surprised everyone by qualifying for their first World Cup final. This historic triumph will have repercussions on the brands that surround the Croatian team and. after this achievement. without a doubt. The first to win will be the country brand. Since many will have the European country in mind and it can serve as an anchor to stimulate tourism. Business and other activities. In fact. one of its sponsors is Ifo Zagreb. An organization in charge of promoting tourism.

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