But it will not only be the merengue team that suffers this loss. Many brands are losing an interesting marketing asset that arose from the rivalry between Lionel Messi and the now Juve striker. A competition that went from the pitch to the marketing field with interesting performances. The relevance of the “duels” between both football figures. the expectation generated around it. As well as the footballing quality of both representatives. Is read from different angles. According to the CIES Football Observatory. Leo Messi is worth 202 million euros . a figure 2.5 times higher than the 80.4 million euros owned by Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand. In the field of marketing. Cristiano’s sponsorship income. according to Forbes. is 28 million dollars per year to use his image. Carry out advertising campaigns and capitalize on his great social impact.

Major sponsorships include Nike. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Emirates. Samsung. Herbalife. Toyota. Poker Stars. and Tag Heuer . just to name a few. Added to this is the media impact that it can represent with millions of followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. To put this in business terms. it is estimated that the cost for each promotional tweet published by this character is 260.490 euros. Like his counterpart. the FCB Barcelona striker has a long list of sponsors. In fact. Euromericas Sport Marketing in its Gold Player 2016 report. Reported that the Argentine was the athlete that year who obtained the most income from the support of sponsors. Adding a total of 145 million dollars.

A New Technological Era

Within his list. at that time. Some brands Brazil whatsapp number list  be found such as Herbalife. Huawei. Head & Shoulders. Collectabillia. Ooredoo. Tata Motors. Bimbo. Space Scooter. FIFA 15. Audemars Piguet. Dolce & Gabbana. Samsung. Pepsi. KFC and Gillette . while when talking about media impact. the cost for each promoted tweet reached 150 thousand euros. With these background figures. it is easy to imagine the substantial business behind each player. which. When added to their media potential. Resulted in a marketing rivalry that more than one brand knew how to take advantage of. But which is now coming to an end just as indicated by users on social networks. The children who were in a cave in northern Thailand along with their coach were rescued in their entirety.


The minors and the coach will be under medical protection. So they will not be able to attend the World Cup final. The day before. FIFA president Giani Infantino. in what seemed an insensitive act. Said that if they were rescued before July 15. He would extend an invitation to them to attend the world title match. Although this seemed complicated given the natural conditions. It was achieved. however. what seemed like a successful strategy for the organism may not be possible. “The Thai Football Federation has informed us that. For medical reasons. the boys will not be fit to travel to Moscow for the FIFA World Cup final.” the governing body said. “FIFA’s priority remains the health of all those involved in the operation.” the entity specified.

In The Industry. Since It Has

However. it was indicate that the association’s leaders will meet in Moscow with Thai soccer executives next Sunday with the aim of finding a new opportunity to invite minors to a FIFA event. It seems that get on this conversation. Especially within the framework of soccer. is an opportunity for sports brands; English player Kyle Walker sent a message through Twitter as soon as he learn that the minors and the coach had been rescue. In turn. Manchester United invited the youth team to visit the stadium in the coming months. The news that captures the world’s attention today is that Cristiano Ronaldo changed Real Madrid for Juventus . The Portuguese crack reaches the Italian league and with him the media attention and a huge exposure for sponsorships.

Any movement of CR7 is highlight. largely for his talent and sport achievements. But also for his marketing strategies. The player easily gives at least 4 marketing lessons that every strategist must take into account: Are you looking for a job too? Expectation. Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the microphones of BeIn Sports at the end of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. In which the meringues won the Orejona and said “in the next few days I will give an answer”. This is how he generated expectations about his departure from the merengue club and his multimillion-dollar deal with Juventus. pressuring both parties with media attention. In the end. Juve will pay him around 30 million net a year . Constant refresh.

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