By users without having made a purchase. Propose a hypothesis: Once we have already identified the problem that is causing us a low conversion rate, we have to propose a hypothesis about why our website could be failing and thus change some aspects. For example, if we believe that the problem is that our web page is being abandoned too soon, one hypothesis as to why this is happening could be that it is not visually attractive, or that it is not intuitive for the user and causes them to abandon it. Check our hypothesis: When we have already proposed a possible hypothesis.

it is important to carry out tests and tests that allow us to verify if it is true or if, however, we are not considering the appropriate India whatsapp number list hypothesis. Propose solutions: If we have already verified our hypothesis and it turns out to be true, the time has come to propose solutions. If we know what the problem is but do nothing to fix it, we are not solving anything. For example, if we already know that our main problem is that our web page is not attractive or intuitive for the user, we can insert some images.

Changing the Design of the Landing Page

Analyze the result of the solutions: At the point where we have already made the necessary improvements to solve the problem, it is necessary to check if those solutions are working. We will again need to use the necessary tools to calculate our conversion rate and check if it has improved. Implement a continuous improvement system: Once we have implemented the solution and it has taken effect, for the CRO strategy to be more effective, it is advisable not to close the process. In other words, it is convenient to always have a system that allows us to find problems and put solutions before a drop in sales of our brand is generated again.

India WhatsApp Number List

How are a CRO strategy and an Inbound Marketing project related ? If you have an Inbound Marketing project for your business.  You are probably wondering how the CRO strategy can help you.  And the truth is that it can help you a lot. The idea of ​​implementing a continuous improvement system.  As the last phase of our CRO strategy will be very beneficial for our brand. Since the important thing is not only to find the problem.  Put a solution and improve the conversion rate in a timely manner.  But also to make it last. in the time. When we create a system that allows us to find.  The faults of our web business and solve them quickly and efficiently.

It Will Generate an Improvement

in our profits as well as in the image of our brand progressively. In addition, when you use the CRO you are giving both.  Your website in particular and your brand in general the opportunity to grow.  Adapt to new market trends, improve both its content and its design, as well as help us in positioning . SEO . In short, implementing the CRO in your online business mixed with your inbound marketing project will significantly improve your online business, as well as the benefits of your company. What is bounce rate and how can I reduce it? Celia Cerrillo Celia Cerrillo May 19, 2021 6:00:00 CEST.

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