Content overload is a pain point that has not gone away and will not go away anytime soon. However. adjusting the style. tone. and themes of materials has emerged as a new challenge for marketers during the pandemic. According to the source. 66 percent of the participants in a study conducted in May agreed that transparency and communication from key executives can positively impact levels of trust in brands in general. Audiences continue to demand that brands adjust the way they communicate to be more personalized and responsive to needs that have evolved. Whether the communications are coming from executives or from organizations.

Not addressing this is not an option. In this regard. a key theme that the source has identified is that marketers are seeking to generate a stronger sense of empathy and compassion in interactions with consumers. which completely rethinks content strategies to build emotional connections with the audience. For 80 percent. adjusting message tones and positioning is a priority arising from the global crisis. Authenticity is still critical Bringing authenticity to the heart of marketing strategy is one of the most impactful adjustments marketers can make in the second half of 2020. Without in-person events and customer interactions.

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Marketers are challenged to bring Luxembourg whatsapp number list o a new level and purpose throughout the customer lifecycle. One way to maintain authenticity is to bring the voices of customers and employees into your marketing strategy. So-called “advocacy” has proven to help build loyalty for organizations and generate a new level of trust and respect with audiences. According to the source. people are 16 times more likely to read a friend’s post about a brand than about the brand itself. and on the other hand. 69 percent of people cite customer feedback as the most important form of advocacy when making purchasing decisions. Data doesn’t always guide marketing decisions Ultimately. as incredible as it sounds. as marketers made the shift to empathy. transparency. and purpose during the global crisis. many left the numbers behind.

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In this regard. the source highlights that about 20 percent of marketers cited data and analysis as. The set of skills without which they could live during the second half of the year. However. data cannot be completely left behind. many others argue that data. Will continue to drive marketers’ ability to communicate the return on investment of marketing efforts. Facebook Horizon is the virtual reality world created by Facebook where you can be the protagonist of a parallel world through an avatar with which you can interact with other users. In the midst of its launch. the company announced a series of security measures to make the experience pleasant enough for users.

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The above includes the recording and storage in a buffer. Of everything that happens with the avatars to verify any problem that exists. In case users are victims of an issue like bullying. They have a safety button that moves their session to a safe zone from which they can report. Block. or report any issues that arise. Facebook introduced this virtual world only in 2019. Announcing that it will be available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift in a beta test version. What is Facebook Horizon? It will be a virtual reality app that aims to offer a way to interact. On social networks through an avatar that will be your representative in this virtual world. It has its antecedents in Second Life.

A virtual community launched in 2003 that allowed its users to interact with each other with an avatar and socialize. Participate in activities and explore a world with unlimited possibilities. Its popularity was so great that even large companies opened branches in this virtual world. And even big bands came to give concerts in it. You may also be interested in: A message for two digital. Facebook sues them to steal data and sell likes Facebook expands its news service. In which it will pay publishers for content According to Facebook “before entering Horizon for the first In turn. People will design their own avatars from a variety of style and body options. To ensure that everyone can fully express their individuality.

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