Promote new lines and innovate. and if you haven’t started yet. this may be a good opportunity to invest. 5. Older consumers in LATAM You can have consumers of all ages according to the type of market in which you operate and the product you offer. however. knowing the trends and ages of the population will give you an idea of the type of product to offer or how many potential customers you could have their product a few years from now. The text of your website is a key communication tool to attract more visitors and for them to fully understand the message you want to convey about the product or service you offer.

According to the Nilsen Norman Group. 79% of web users quickly skim the text of a web page. while only 16% stop to look word for word. The Publish blog brings you 10 tips to make your text stand out. 1. The most important thing comes first Writing on the web is the opposite of writing conventional text. Users navigate quickly and if they are not attracted to the content. they easily switch pages. For this reason. avoid providing a lot of information around the central theme that could divert the objective of the text. go to the main point.

The Type Of Content

Include links that complement your web South korea whatsapp number list Use links from reliable sources and recognized institutions that help the reader to understand your text in a broader and more solid way. This will give more credibility and seriousness to the topic you are dealing with. 3. Correct use of typography Among the most recommended fonts to be displayed on web pages and not on paper. are Arial. Georgia. Times. Verdana or Courier. among others. You should not use more than two fonts within the page. as it will break the visual aesthetics. In addition. it is recommended to use a size of approximately 10 points. If your target audience is around 45 years of age or older. use a font size of 14 points.

South korea whatsapp number list

Identify the target to know what language to use. Remember that your text can be very well written. however. if your target does not understand it. it is useless. For example. if you write a few words in English and most of the people to whom the communication is directed do not know the language. you would lose affinity on the part of these users to enter the site. Take into account the way your target audience speaks. their tastes. their themes. in order to attract attention; because their identification occurs when the language used is close to that of their environment 5.

Select Very Well

Use good spelling There are several things that users hate to see on a web page. One of them is bad spelling. Just one mistake can make the client take your page seriously and decide not to return. 6. Do not exceed in creativity and intellectuality steve-krug.pngAs mentioned above. on the web it is not common for the reader to stop at every word. so be clear and concise in your text . In addition. do not put words that are too far-fetched or that few understand. because their intellectual level may be high. but the user seeks to understand information instantly. rather than a reflection when inquiring about a product or service. “When I search for a web page.

It should be self-evident. obvious. self-explanatory.” – Steve Krug . expert in web design and corporate marketing. 7. Choose keywords wisely It depends on these words that the user finds your page easily in the search engine. and therefore you need to know with certainty that you are using the best ones for the positioning of your website. One of the tools you can use to define them is Google Adwords. 8. Emphasize key terms. using bold. After identifying the keywords of the text. highlighting them with bold is intend to remind the user which terms are related to the central topic discussed. and even more importantly.

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