which if carried out correctly allows obtaining scientific results South Korea Phone Number List of greater relevance and with a greater scope . An author collaborates with others for various reasons. Complementarity . When one researcher collaborates with another, it is expected that they do so because there are unique aspects that each one South Korea Phone Number List can contribute to the work , complementing each other. Therefore, the South Korea Phone Number List resulting work is the product of the best capabilities of each author. It is very good and advisable to publish with authors with scientific profiles other than and complementary to your own. Ideal Reason. Learning . A form of complementarity, although one-way, is to collaborate with great researchers who surpass the main author of the work, South Korea Phone Number List since it is a guarantee of quality of the manuscript. In fact,

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the first works are normally carried out with the thesis South Korea Phone Number List supervisor and have a pedagogical purpose. The senior author is more concerned with the correctness and quality of the work than with making his own contribution and also puts his prestige in the work. Right Reason. South Korea Phone Number List Division of labor . A more humane reason is the simple distribution of work, but not because there are specialized authors, but because the distribution allows reducing the time for preparing investigations. It is common for authors from the same area or department of specialization to collaborate with each other to produce more South Korea Phone Number List papers with less effort. Not so ideal reason. Phantom co-authorship .

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Either by exchange of favors, by trying to influence the prestige of the ghost author in the article or by a mistaken concept of the ethics of scientific work. Adding South Korea Phone Number List authors who have not collaborated in the work does not add value to the article, on the contrary, it reduces the credit and individual contributions of each one and can even be the object of criticism and future problems / See Valery South Korea Phone Number List story). Regrettable reason. So, specifically, why is it desirable to carry out work with international South Korea Phone Number List co-authors? If the work is executed correctly, international collaboration can make a difference for several reasons: Provides a different and complementary vision of the problem ,

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