In recent months our world has changed. Society has been forced to adapt to a new scenario in which changes occur at great speed. But the health crisis has only accelerated a process that, in the case of companies, had already been going on for a long time.

Factors such as the growing use of digital channels by customers, the climate crisis and the growing pressures on supply chains were already forcing organizations around the world to adopt digital transformation processes, putting technology at the center of the strategy business and changing habits and production methods.

Companies Are in Constant Interaction with Customers

Employees and partners. It is a universe of interactions that occurs on the web, the telephone, physical stores, social networks and a long etcetera. These interactions generate a large amount of information about the tastes, needs, concerns and buy philippines phone number interests of the different audiences of the organizations.

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“The wide variety of communication channels between companies. Customers are also replicated within companies”, commented Enrique Polo de Lara, Senior Vice President and Country Leader of Salesforce Iberia.

New Technological Solutions

“Today, the first contact with customers is much more likely to take place. In an online environment than in a physical one and collaboration between employees also occurs in both universes. It is a Digital-First world that requires new technological solutions. The consumer demands trustworthy companies that are responsible for aspects such as sustainability. A concept that Salesforce already has integrated.

In the latest edition of Dreamforce 21 , Salesforce has laid out. The essential features of the technology needed to address these challenges. The company has shown a series of innovations in its Salesforce Customer 360 platform and. In addition, has announced the integration of this platform with Slack , the collaborative work solution recently acquired by Salesforce.

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